Sam Sanchez and the Sound

Blessing Texas with Outlaw/Red Dirt Country, Mexican Country and Ambient tunes!

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Musician | Outlaw / Red Dirt Country, Mexican Country, Ambient


Born in El Paso, TX, Sam grew up with strong Hispanic and American roots, with Spanish being his first language.  He started playing guitar during his time studying at A&M University while working to obtain his Computer Engineering Degree. He moved to Arlington, Texas after being hired as a Software Engineer and held that position for 3 years all while further honing in his guitar and vocal skills. After working 3 years as a Software Engineer, Sam decided he was not the 9-5 kind of guy and started his musical career full time. Sam starting playing concerts at local venues, various bars, dive bars, winery's, opening acts and private parties. Sam frequents open mic nights across Dallas/Ft. Worth to meet an collaborate with other talented artists in the area. He has also acted as a mentor teaching the guitar to individuals trying to start their career or just for fun. Sam's repertoire consists of an acoustic variety of Outlaw Country, Red Dirt Country, Ambient Sounds (a style of gentle, largely electronic instrumental music with no persistent beat, used to create or enhance a mood or atmosphere) for weddings, hotel lobby's, etc. Sam plays both the acoustic guitar and electric guitar. Sam's main purpose in making and sharing his music is to make people happy, He is a firm believer that music can soothe the soul and people should do what they are passionate about, whatever that may be.


Have You Ever Seen the Rain

CCR Cover at T's Bar and Grill

Guitar Town - Steve Earle

Duet with my buddy Cassidy Bostick (Onehitsongaway) at a private event

Pancho and Lefty | Willie and Merle

HYE Winery Festival in Johnson City TX - 4th of July 2022

If I Were the Devil | Colby Acuff

HYE Winery Festival in Johnson City TX - 4th of July 2022

The Conversation | Waylon and Bocephus tune

HYE Winery Festival in Johnson City TX - 4th of July 2022

Peaceful Easy Feeling | The Eagles

T's bar and Grill | Lewisville, TX


Date Details Price Link
Old Cocktail Lounge
Private Party
Union 28
Aloft Hotel Show
Aloft Southwest Texas Classic After Party
Silver Dollar Winery Show
Hard 8 BBQ (The Colony)
Hard 8 BBQ (Stephenville)
Hard 8 BBQ (Coppell)
Old Cocktail Lounge (Arlington)
Lone Star Bar and Grill (Burleson)
Uncork’d Winery Event
Silver Dollar Winery Event
Silver Dollar Winery Show
Vereide Lux Show (San Antonio)
Silver Dollar Winery Show (Bedford)

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